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We Provide 100% Organic Quality Ingredients To Complement Your Natural Biochemistry

Our ingredients are all non-GMO, and are handpicked to complement the way full spectrum hemp reacts in your body and the effects you want it to have. The cannabinoids in Tam have been 3rd party verified and are organically grown in Colorado.

3 sip.PNG

Blueberry Pom "Eldridge"

Blueberry Pom Eldridge 2023.jpg

Orange Mango "Hoo Koo"

Orange Mango Hoo Koo E Koo 2023.jpg

Coconut Melon "Miwok"

Coconut Melon Miwok 7.14.23.png

Chamomile Tea "Sleeping Lady"

Chamomile Sleeping Lady 7.17.23.png

Peach Ginger "Bolinas"

Peach Ginger 7.17.23.png
Full Spectrum Hemp Concentrate COA 2023.jpg

Full Spectrum Hemp Concentrate Extract

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