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  • Ronnie Moore

Full Spectrum Hemp – It’s Just BETTER

Humans have relied on whole plant medicines for thousands of years, like nature intended. Using plants for pain, inflammation, digestive issues, stress and many other maladies can be traced back to ancient civilizations. When it comes to herbal medicine like hemp, this is no different.

What can be found in hemp that is beneficial to our health and wellbeing? Is CBD the only therapeutic molecule found in the hemp plant? Although CBD is the most widely recognized molecule, it is far from the only beneficial molecule in the hemp plant. Others such as CBG, CBN and CBC, to name a few, have roles to play in our overall health.

CBG or cannabigerol, helps regulate biological functions such as appetite, sleep and memory. Although more study needs to be conducted, CBG seems to regulate bone density and in some lab tests has been shown to slow down tumor growth.

CBN, cannabinol, like many of its cannabinoid family members, is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Additionally, in recent studies, CBN when combined with CBD has shown to be effective treatment for burns.

CBC, cannabichromene, seems to be the “wonder drug” of them all. In a 2006 study, CBC showed great promise as a potential cancer fighter. Unlike it’s cousin THC which has been used for it’s anti-tumor properties, CBC is equally as effective without the psychotropic effects of THC.

In addition to the family of cannabinoids, hemp has hundreds of terpenes which can be found all over the natural world. The most prominent terpene in hemp is Myrcene terpene, also found in mangoes, has its own anti-inflammatory properties. Another major terpene is Limonene which can help alleviate stress.

There are so many things we still need to learn about the health benefits of hemp, but one thing is certain, we need the entire plant, not just an isolated CBD for real health and wellness.

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