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Chamomile Hibiscus Tea “Sleeping Lady” is perfect for relaxing and chilling out after a long day. If you have a difficult time sleeping the Sleeping Lady is for you. This Tam flavor is named for Mt Tamalpais and the legend of a sleeping princess and a blanket of fog covering her every night on edge of the Pacific Ocean. Chamomile Tea, Rooibos, and Hibiscus are all wonderful for sleep aid, relaxation, and anti-inflammation. With 30mg full spectrum hemp this flavor is extremely popular before sleep and can be served warm or cold. There is no caffeine or sugar in the Sleeping Lady.


INGREDIENTS: Filtered Water,Organic Chamomile Hibiscus Tea,Organic Rooibos,Organic Hibiscus,Organic Lemon Mint Flavor,Organic Lemon Flavor,Full Spectrum Hemp 

Non-GMO, Non Psychoactive

Chamomile Hibiscus Tea "Sleeping Lady" 6 Pack

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