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Tam Peach Ginger "Bolinas"


12 pack - 12oz bottles of Peach Ginger Juice with 25mg of cannabinoids from organic full spectrum hemp (CBD)


A refreshing and healthy Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, 100% organic juice drink.


Ginger contains antioxidant-like compounds called phytonutrients that may reduce cell damage.

The root can also prevent inflammation from starting by reducing cell-signaling activity.

Great for helping reduce stress, digestion, and boost your immune system.   Ginger also has certain chemical compounds that help your body ward off germs.


INGREDIENTS: Organic Peach Juice, Organic Ginger, Organic Apple Juice, 25 mg Organic Full Spectrum Hemp. No added sugar.  45 calories.

Non-GMO, Non Psychoactive.

Peach Ginger "Bolinas" - 12 Pack

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